Welcome to my website

The goal of this site is to share my professional experience in the field of sounds.

Whoever wants to approach the world of sounds or to improve their own spoken and sung voice, will soon realize the benefits offered by the methods I would like to promote. That of sounds, on which are based the techniques displayed on this site, is a rich and fascinating world.

In order to be clearer, this website is divided into three parts corresponding to my three main areas of work. However, the website is meant to be read as a whole, as a big arch which embraces a number of techniques connected to sound.

And I made up a title for this arch: “To be a vibrant body”.

Disclaimer: The pictures displayed on this website are largely made by me or by my coworkers, whom I would like to thank. For what concerns pictures taken from the internet, and thus of public domain, the original source is quoted. If subjects or authors were for any reason against publication, they are asked to contact me and I will remove the pictures immediately.


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